Southern Glossary #2 Now in Print!

Southern Glossary #2, the print compilation of six months of curators to the Southern Glossary Instagram account, is now available to buy on MagCloud (you can also get a cheaper digital download there). There are twenty artists represented, as well as short written pieces by me and Brit Hessler. Artemis Antippas took my simple suggestion ("What do you think about glitter okra?") and ran with it, producing several cool cover images to choose from.

If you're in the New Orleans area, you can also visit Defend New Orleans or Non-Society Hands to pick up a copy along with lots of other cool items. 

I'm really proud of how this issue turned out. This was the first time designing it as a full-size magazine instead of the smaller digest version, and having more space to work with definitely freed up some of my decision-making on what to include and how to present it. I'm so happy with it that I'm currently re-formatting Southern Glossary #1 to be full-size. 

More news hopefully soon on other Southern Glossary projects! Thank you to everyone who continues to support it and encourage me.

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