Origin Alter - Brent Houzenga Art Anniversary

Brent Houzenga is an artist and friend of mine. His work uses stencils based on 19th century portraits combined with tape separated layers of colors, lines, and geometric designs. 

A couple of years ago I wrote "Houzenga is a student of these small moments that can change our lives forever, the random collisions of emotion that alter the course of our lives. In 2006 he discovered an album of late 19th century portraits lying in someone's trash. He had an immediate response to the beauty of the pictures as well as the fact that the last remaining images of some long gone family were almost never seen again. He rescued the album and has been using stencils based on the people in it ever since."

Brent just celebrated the tenth anniversary of his random but important discovery of the discarded photo album by creating an enormous altar inside of his studio. Larger works went floor to ceiling on three of the walls, and the fourth wall was dominated by a layered altar composed of art, flowers, antique photos, expired spray paint cans, the razor blades he uses to create the stencils, and, of course, a giant ball of colored masking tape, the result of the cast off materials he uses to layer color and shape onto any surface: canvas, upholstery, and even automobiles.

The fierce band All People set up in the studio and played a short set. It was a good match for both the crowd and the surroundings. I let myself down with the settings on my camera trying to capture their active performance, but it was a good learning experience. 

Catch Brent on Instagram and buy/commission his work at houzenga.com.