Jean Lafitte

My friend Christy Lorio and I recently took the Bayou Coquille Trail inside the Jean Lafitte National Park and Nature Preserve, a huge area of wetlands and marsh filled with natural things that, if they don't want to kill you, will at least offer to cover up the body quickly. Christy grew up out here in Marrero where her backyard merged with the swampy wonderland. She wrote about her childhood in the world of thick southeastern Louisiana in the first issue of her zine, Catahoula.

She drove us out to the West Bank in her Brent Houzenga art car and pointed out how things had changed since then. We arrived immediately after a thunderstorm had passed, and though the atmosphere was gray everything had a clean tint to it. We walked the angled boardwalks and gravel of the trail, admiring the dwarf palmettos, semi-submerged cypress knees, local kids and German tourists. 

It was a beautiful (if muddy) day, and I got a lot of good experience shooting in the swamp even if I didn't quite figure out how to make Spanish moss look like a lively subject.