Let's Work Together


For the longest time I thought of writing as a stoic, solitary task, but now I love to work with other people on projects. I'm always willing to take a chance on something that could become a long-term collaboration. Freelance commercial copywriting bores the hell out of me. I'd much rather participate with other creative people.

For Photographers

Intro text for photo essays, description copy for exhibits and portfolios, articles to accompany your documentary projects, collaboration on feature articles. Here's an example.

For Artists, Musicians, & Performers

Assistance with artist statements, bios, portfolio or website copy, press releases, pitches, and essays for applications (no grant-writing). Here's an example.

For Anyone Needing a Second Set of Eyes

Many creatives are susceptible to "the forest for the trees" type of thinking when it comes to their projects. Do you need an outsider to double-check your mission statement for clarity, your project description for excessive navel-gazing, or your presentation for continuity? Are you a writer with a piece that's important to you, but you can't put a finger on what's unsatisfactory about it? Usually just a few quick questions from someone else can reset the way you understand or approach your own work. Sorry, no tutoring, manuscript proof-reading, assistance with college writing, etc.

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What's your name?